We Attended Indulgently Greens’ Valentines Soirée

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The increasing buzz around cannabis in the UK has led to a number of edibles events popping up around the country.

One of the edibles chefs currently making a name for himself in this scene is Tom, also known as Indulgently Green.

Indulgently Green is bringing Cannabis-infused Fine Dining to the East of England with his exclusive events held at a secret location.

We first met IG at Product Earth last year after sampling some of his delicious creations. We were so impressed, we asked him to write for us, and you can read his guide to infusing your coconut oil with cannabis here on ISMOKE Magazine.

Last weekend Mrs. Green and I attended Indulgently Green’s Valentine’s Soiree, held at a secret location in the East of England.

Tom’s most recent event catered to the fine dining market, with an air of exclusivity and luxury menu items that made the taste buds water. The venue seated approx. 60 guests.

Far from being a couples-only shindig, this black tie event was open to anybody wanting to get a taste of Indulgently Green’s cannabis-infused courses, providing they were happy to dress the part, with no jeans, trainers or hoodies allowed.

The menu was diverse and contained 170mg THC split over 5 courses. It included things like Cannabis Infused cocktails and truffles, Cannabis infused spiced spring vegetable soup, Pan fried spicy citrus king prawn skewers, Mozzarella and bacon parcels, Chicken fillets stuffed with tomato, mozzarella and pesto, Pan Fried Salmon Fillets, Mediterranean Vegetable Strudel, Dark Chocolate and Salted Caramel Torte, homemade ice creams, Medicated Cointreau Cream Trifle.

There were also unlimited soft drinks, plus tea, coffee and even cannabis-infused after dinner mints with another 10mg of THC in each one. Alcohol was allowed at the event for those who wanted to drink.

, We Attended Indulgently Greens’ Valentines Soirée, ISMOKE
Alcoholic drinks were allowed at IG’s Valentine’s soirée

The courses went down well with the guests, with smoking breaks in between.

, We Attended Indulgently Greens’ Valentines Soirée, ISMOKE
Joints were allowed at IG’s Valentine’s soirée

For the starter we both had the Spicy Vegetable Soup with cheesy croutons and this was delicious.

, We Attended Indulgently Greens’ Valentines Soirée, ISMOKE
Our starter of Spicy Vegetable Soup (iphone photo – not the best shot!)

Unfortunately, somebody took our specially prepared allergy-friendly main courses (yes, both of them) so we didn’t get to sample the Chicken, but I also enjoyed one of the nicest triffle’s I’ve ever sampled for desert, while Mrs. Green had homemade ice cream with infused chocolate sauce. Luckily for us there were multiple courses!

, We Attended Indulgently Greens’ Valentines Soirée, ISMOKE
My Dessert – trifle

There was also a local group 415 crew DJing, and musician Ben Callanan playing live acoustic music throughout the event.

, We Attended Indulgently Greens’ Valentines Soirée, ISMOKE
Local musician and busker Ben Callanan

In addition to the music each guest was given a goody bag, which included some great gifts, as well as free entry into a raffle with more great gifts:

, We Attended Indulgently Greens’ Valentines Soirée, ISMOKE
The event included a great goody bag

This was the second event thrown by IG’s catering company, and the level of professionalism was clear throughout the event, from the moment we were greeted with an infused (and alcoholic) cocktail.

The whole venue was tobacco-free, allowing bongs, joints and dabs inside (which was great for us as non-tobacco smokers).

Best of all, Mrs. Green won this lovely Hive Glass Micro Rig courtesy of Dotcombong:

, We Attended Indulgently Greens’ Valentines Soirée, ISMOKE
This has been getting plenty of use since the event last weekend

You can view more photos from the event by Darren Rigby here.

We caught up with Tom after the event to ask what’s next for Indulgently Green’s catering company.

His next event will be a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, taking place on the last weekend in May. If you’d like to attend make sure you like Indulgently Green on Facebook here and follow him on Instagram here to be kept up-to-date when tickets go live for this exclusive event.

Tom is also available for private bookings including Weddings, club meets, private dinners and events.


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