The Art of Skinning Up

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, The Art of Skinning Up, ISMOKE

Can you recall the first time you crafted a joint? I remember the moment I was introduced to the culture. Armed with a satiable curiosity I eagerly (yet subtly) watched those around me as they created jazz cigarettes in all shapes and sizes.

I also made sure to pay extra attention while observing a veteran connoisseur.

I had also recently started socially smoking roll ups, and my rollies were reasonable, so when I did sculpt my first ever L-skin, I made a reefer I would now a days describe as so-so, but at the time I was chuffed to bits.

Since then I have honed my technique, and noticed that everyone has his or her own method and routine, and there really are so many variables that make a tokers roll style unique. Such as the way you stick and rip your L or use kingskin for convenience.  When do you place your roach, before or after? When do you burn it? All things that affect the end product….the bacci to herb ratio, thickness, strength and so on and so forth. All the little tips and tricks that you have picked up and incorporated over time, constantly aspiring for your own brand perfect rifter.

I know those who prefer a slow burning meaty baton and others who take a thinner more conservative approach to maintain a competitive edge on Xbox Live. Recently I have become more aware of cultural differences, having spent the last couple of months volunteering, I have met a variety of new people. One notable example is a Canadian Lady by the name of Lynne, having been used to smoking blunts back West, she told me how when she was first handed an Englishman’s joint she was initially shocked by the tobacco content within. Also regional differences, with myself hailing from the South West where pretty much everyone smokes roll ups, only on few occasions have I smoked a J containing straight tobacco (which is fine by me, you can keep your thick chemically smoke).

When I have finished a long days work, and I sit down to unwind, gather all the components around me and start to build. I do not tire of the process, as I would say, I almost enjoy crafting them as much as I love blazing them. To me skinning up is a ritualistic precursor that is just as important as the consumption.  Everything from the alignment of my L-skin to distribution, gentle spreading and fluffing of the tobacco is done with love to enjoy optimum smoking enjoyment every time.

You may say it that I am just romanticising a simple process, but I take pride in my own brand, and genuinely enjoy the whole ceremonial process.  Don’t get me wrong, I do dabble and enjoy the bong train (pass me a dirty shottie any day) but I always come crawling back the joint, the symbolic flagship of cannabis culture.

Yours Sincerely Mr Raddict


, The Art of Skinning Up, ISMOKE