ArGo Vaporizer

The ArGo is Arizer’s latest portable vaporizer to hit the market.

The Palm-sized Argo is their smallest vaporizer to date and comes with 2 glass mouthpieces, a swappable 18650 battery, and digital temperature controls.

Delivering a similar performance to the Air 2 when it comes to battery and performance, the ArGo can certainly hold its own in an already diverse vaporizer market.

Argo Vaporizer Review from ISMOKE on Vimeo. Buy the Argo here from Namaste Vapes.

Using the Arizer Go Portable vaporizer is as easy as loading up one of the glass tubes, which can be done directly from your grinder.

ArGo, ArGo Vaporizer, ISMOKE

Once you’ve filled you glass chamber, slot it into the ArGo unit and you are ready to go – just switch on the unit by holding the M and b on the front of the device for 2 seconds and then press a button to start the heating.

ArGo, ArGo Vaporizer, ISMOKE

Vaping with the ArGo

The Arizer Go takes somewhere just over the minute mark to hear up, beeping when it reaches the desired/set temperature, which for us is 195 degrees Celsius.

Using convection heat to vaporize your herbs, the ArGo is directing hot air through the air path which gives a good performance and reasonable cloud production. They’re not the biggest clouds on the market, but they are flavoursome and it keeps producing!

You can set the Argo vape to stay on from 5-15 minutes and it will stay hot until then, beeping when it switches off. At this point, I’ve found I can usually still get several hits from the device before it has cooled down enough to stop producing vapour.


The Argo’s portability is where the device really shines – comparing it with the Air 2 and the Solo 2, this vape is much smaller and also has a spring-loaded section to keep your glass tubes safe in your pocket during transport.

ArGo, ArGo Vaporizer, ISMOKEHow much does it cost?

The Argo Vape retails at £219.99. It is currently on offer for £156.99 on the Namaste Vapes website.


We’ve really enjoyed trying out the ArGo vape this week. It’s an easy to use vaporizer right out of the box, and delivers tasty clouds with a solid battery life and performance.

You can learn all about this vaporizer, how to use it and how it delivers in our Review video which is out today on the ISMOKE channel.

ArGo, ArGo Vaporizer, ISMOKE

You can get 10% off the Argo Vaporizer on the Namaste Vapes Website when you use the code ISMOKE

Vaporising cannabis is a safer consumption method than smoking, as during vaping you are not combusting any plant material. For that reason, we recommend that new or potential consumers vape rather than smoke. An added bonus is that vaping also ensures you are not consuming tobacco with your cannabis.