Are-You-Mental? Recreational Cannabis Users

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, Are-You-Mental? Recreational Cannabis Users, ISMOKE

It’s an argument I can’t win on logical terms….. Jason knew this when he asked me to take part in this “taking apart” feast  😀 spit roasts are my favourite meal by the way..”NomNomNom” so he knew what was coming………illogical Madness!!! In fact he insisted upon it…. Lol.

A smelly drunk man on a bench once said to me “one man’s logic is another’s madness” and with that in mind I shall dodge the Medical Vs Recreational question in such a way that Mr Cameron himself would be proud.

I’ve never really been one for bullshit and that often results in brutal honesty even if it’s right or wrong, so what I’m saying is I won’t try and bull shit you because i have no real logical argument against what Jason says, so all I can be is honest….my version of honest anyway  😀

OFF TOPIC : (For your info ISMOKERS, Nuff Said has put me in charge of reader complaints so i would just like to assure you all that my team (based in a Chinese sweatshop in India) will make sure your grievances are completely ignored with the upmost professionalism and in the fastest possible time should you have any.)

Ok down to business….arguing against medical users is impossible, almost like stealing superman’s wheelchair simply because my legs are tired and his just don’t work full stop and then trying to rationalise it. What I mean is either way I end up being the cold hearted bastard because morally it’s wrong to hate sick people – which is fair enough.

So I’m going to talk about image, because these days image is king! And more importantly, only a change of image can win us this war!

For too long we’ve had unwashed Worzel Gummidge lookalikes fighting our corner and where has it got us? The hippies tried and failed not because they were wrong in their argument (neither side is really) but because no one in power likes hippies because most hippies are pretty unattractive – I think we can all agree.

It’s a hard fact of life attractive people succeed more than less attractive people of equal knowledge in their respective fields of expertise, and that undeniable fact is something everyone no matter how bad their ADHD should be aware of.

You can bet your life savings that before you could even speak or walk someone looked at you and thought *what an unfortunate looking child*…… mummy was probably the first to look at you and think she could’ve done better and don’t you doubt it for a second, Ask her if you want…..did she hesitate?.. Then she obviously thinks you’re an eyesore and its here where my message lies……

I must ask you all to be brave for a second and look at my good friend the right honourable Jason Reed….. *Laughs and points white man in “Bugsy” pimp suit*

, Are-You-Mental? Recreational Cannabis Users, ISMOKE

As you can see by the suit and leather pimp hat above, Jason and others I will later mention have seen that image can become a powerful weapon in the fight for cannabis legalization but we must ask ourselves…..

Can we leave this fight in the hands of a man with one Gun?

 , Are-You-Mental? Recreational Cannabis Users, ISMOKE

 A man who thinks he’s better than a cup of tea?

, Are-You-Mental? Recreational Cannabis Users, ISMOKE

 (The photographer had to ask him to put his pinky down for this pic)

It’s clear to see from the above pictures the undeniable links between medicinal users and the terrible and indiscriminate disease that is “UMG disorder” better known in growing circles as “UglyMugDef”…..from personal experience I know this to be true because a friend of mine called Poet (a part-time med user, full time Cannabis connoisseur) suffers from the same disorder, which is known to attack the “sexiness cells” in human beings, leaving them looking like they’ve spent a lifetime falling from the ugly tree, snapped every branch on the way down…… and then the tree fell on top of them.

For Poet there is hope still but I’m afraid Jason’s particular type of UMG is terminal so all we can do now is make him more comfortable………..all 3 of him.

, Are-You-Mental? Recreational Cannabis Users, ISMOKE

Not to panic Medical users!  There is hope for “UMG” sufferers …and it comes in the form of Gok Wan!!!! (Personal friend of mine…..makes my socks) I asked Gok to get down to Clears HQ and give the guys a makeover………..first up was Clark French.

This is before before Gok had his hair cut and sent him off to top designer Antonio Primani for a new wardrobe…..

, Are-You-Mental? Recreational Cannabis Users, ISMOKE

……….Disgusting isn’t it! It’s no coincidence UK self harm rates went sky high during this period.

, Are-You-Mental? Recreational Cannabis Users, ISMOKE

But look at him now…after Gok Wan got his hands all over him………………..  I would! I’m sure Gok did. And no more Emo kids buying razors = Win!

Big thanks to Gok but as you can see there’s only so much he can do 😀

My one great fear is if this fight is left in hands of just medical users the only outcome is recreational genocide!!

What will come is people saying stuff like ……”you need weed medicinally so it’s fine, but see him over there. He just wants to get high the good for nothing scumbag druggy!”…. You know it will happen!

You’ll have med users looking down at us like an unsatisfactory cup of tea! *just to let you know Jason did indeed “pimp slap da ho” who made the tea*

So what I’m really saying is if society will only accept my cannabis use for medical reasons then I have no problems in saying society can smoke my pole!

Rise up people who just wanna get baked! Don’t let these Medicinal users take all the glory!

Logical argument?….”Are You Mental”… LoL

Until next time…..



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