Apple Jack ISMOKE Report – California Weed Review

3 mins read

Join us for this week’s strain review, featuring Apple Jack (Jack Herer X White Widow). This hybrid strain delivers a great high.

For our international readers who may not know- there is a bit of a bubble around US-imported weed in some parts of the UK at the moment.

It was good to review this sample of US-imported Apple Jack which was given to me for this video. (If you’re wondering my thoughts on the Cali weed prices, I won’t pay them because, in my opinion, no bud is worth £50 a gram).

Without further ado, here are my thoughts on the Apple Jack cannabis strain

, Apple Jack ISMOKE Report – California Weed Review, ISMOKE


This sample of Apple Jack looks great – it’s compact and dense, with a strong green colour that is made a little bit more white by a blanket of trichomes.

The pistils look vibrant but are tucked away in the bud instead of protruding. The shape of the bud is not uniform, with several nodules poking out.

, Apple Jack ISMOKE Report – California Weed Review, ISMOKE
Dream City grow Apple Jack for the US Market


This sample smells great! Apple Jack captures a fruity and slightly musky, pungent scent, with a delicious after smell reminiscent to me of well-cured bud.

I love the smell of this strain – at a push, I’d say the smell is closer to Jack Herer than White Widow – this sample certainly smells a lot nicer than some of the white widow I’ve previously enjoyed.


This has a lot of flavour – hitting it through my bong I immediately get the taste of the strain – I can see now why it’s called Apple Jack, it certainly has a fruity undertone.

, Apple Jack ISMOKE Report – California Weed Review, ISMOKE

, Apple Jack ISMOKE Report – California Weed Review, ISMOKE

The flavour of this strain left me impressed and wanting a second hit, I love the taste of this one and I am happy it doesn’t get lost through the bong.


This strain hit me quite hard, as you’ll no doubt see from the video, but how does it make me feel?

The hybrid effects are apparent shortly after the hit, with a high that fades into a beautiful combination that in my opinion encapsulates the best of both Jack Herer and White Widow.

A lovely warm stoned feeling washes over you after consumption – the sort of feeling that I really enjoy!


I had fun reviewing this sample of Apple Jack – it gets top marks from me in all areas – appearance, smell, taste and effects, giving it top marks overall.

I would like to try some UK-grown Apple Jack and see how it compares to this imported batch.

Want more info on the Apple Jack? Watch my video review below: