apple bans vaping apps

Apple bans vape apps leaving new vape users high and dry

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Late last week Apple announced it was banning vape-related apps in the App store, effective immediately. On Friday the company removed all 181 vaping-related apps from its digital online marketplace after growing concerns about vaping in the US.

While this move does not delete apps currently installed on people’s Apple devices, it means that all vape-related apps are no longer findable in the App Store to new users who may have purchased devices and are wanting to install them.

This move could spell chaos for certain vaporizers, some of which rely on an app to function.

apple bans vape, Apple bans vape apps leaving new vape users high and dry
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In the past few years we have seen devices such as the PAX 3, the Crafty and the Ghost MV1 use a blutooth-connected app to adjust things like temperature, device operation configurations and even light brightness on the device.

In fact, the Crafty has no screen, relying on an app to change temperature and show battery info, and the PAX 3 needs the app to turn concentrates mode on and off if you want to use it to vape extracts.

The Ghost MV1 works with or without an app as you can control it via the device itself, but the app offers more versatility and specific temp control.

There are plenty of vaporizers on the market which don’t use or need an app to function; indeed some of our favourites don’t come with an accompanying app (e.g. the Mighty by Stortz & Bickel and the Solo by Arizer).

But for those which do, this move by Apple could spell some trouble for the products as users move towards vapes without this potential headache.

It is frustrating to see cannabis vaporizers caught in the crossfire of the vape crisis currently facing the US which has been on high alert since people began getting sick from illicit vape carts in recent months.

While public health concerns need to be addressed, the current approach of banning safe vaping products simply does not make sense or follow harm reduction.

Techspot reports that:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently identified vitamin E acetate as a “chemical of concern” in the ongoing investigation into vaping-related illnesses and deaths.

Vitamin E acetate could have been added to products as a thickening agent, the CDC added. As of November 13, a total of 42 deaths have been confirmed in 24 states and the District of Columbia.

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The above crisis is nothing to do with dry herb vaping which is a safer alternative to combustion and should be advised to medical cannabis patients and those wishing to start consuming that don’t currently smoke.

Looking to your vape cannabis? For now we recommend getting a vaporizer which works without an app, or switching to Android.

At time of publishing Google has not announced a similar move to apple, but if it does it could spell the end of some vaporizers for good.

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