An interview with a UK Medical Cannabis Patient – JP

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This week I spoke at length with Jake, also known as JP, who is prescribed medical cannabis in the UK. Since November 2018 medical cannabis – specifically CBPMS – have been legally supplied by specialists via a growing network of private clinics. People all across the UK can now go to their doctor if they have issues that cannabis is known to work for, providing they have tried other medications that have not worked for their condition.

JP turned 25 this year, which removed a barrier preventing him from accessing the plant – and discussing this with him, some patients have found they can’t get access due to their age, so there seems to still be that worry of theoretical risks alluding to fears of skunk psychosis, the uniquely British phenomenon that sees high THC cannabis as the bad guy.

But it seems like access is getting easier as the network of clinics and the number of British case studies grow, showing cannabis to be an effective treatment for many patients who have struggled to find relief from conventional medicines on the NHS.

Indeed, the list of ailments for which cannabis is known to be therapeutically beneficial is already long, and growing longer – JP mentions in the interview of a case showing the benefits of cannabis for Down syndrome published recently in the UK.

My interview with JP lasts around 50 minutes and is handily chaptered throughout, so you can jump to (or back to) various topics. It forms part of a new series I am running in conversation with various people in the UK cannabis community to glean insights into the evolving landscape as we move towards full legalisation in the UK.

You can watch the video with chapters here

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