This week we got our hands on some Amnesia CBD by Herbalogy, a UK-based company operating in the CBD industry and offering a range of CBD-rich cannabis strains.

The CBD flower scene has flourished over the past couple of years as more and more companies and products have been brought to market, bringing a whole host of new flavours, variations and strengths.

The Amnesia CBD that is the topic of this post is a good example of a newer product on the market, with the CBD content tested at 22% Cannabidiol. 

, Amnesia CBD Flower Review, ISMOKE

When you compare this to the oils and extracts currently on the market you can see just how much the strength has grown – I remember picking up 100mg bottles of CBD oil (and paying a pretty penny).

22% CBD means that 100mg can be consumed through just 0.45g of this flower (an eighth costs between £20-25).

, Amnesia CBD Flower Review, ISMOKE

So the strength is high, but what about the quality of the bud itself? This is something which has also evolved, partly due to our European neighbours in the Swiss market and their 1% THC cap, which has led to a host new genetics with low THC content.

Now you can find CBD-rich flowers with less than 0.2% THC, defining them as hemp, that also look like your normal thc-containing high-grade cannabis.

The Herbalogy Amnesia sample we have to cover on the channel looks great, with hand-trimmed nugs – it even looks a bit frosty.

, Amnesia CBD Flower Review, ISMOKE

The bag smells delicious, the buds have given off a fruity and floral aroma which I enjoyed.

Smoking this strain I didn’t get the full flavour profile – the smoking experience was fine, a little hotter than some strains, but not acrid, giving no cause to cough.

I then vaped some of the Amnesia CBD flowers using the Mighty Vape to get a better idea of the flavour – it has a nice taste in the vape, generalised cannabis taste mixes with the floral and sweet notes, and this couples nicely with the better CBD absorption rate when consuming via this method.

, Amnesia CBD Flower Review, ISMOKE

I saw a lab test for this sample as well, confirming the 22% CBD content. Lab tests are more available these days and with the industry where it is this is pretty standard, so if you are looking to buy cbd products and companies cannot produce/provide lab tests at request I would see this as a red flag.

Find Amnesia CBD on the Herbalogy Website here

You can also watch the video out now on the ISMOKE channel to hear my full thoughts on the Amnesia 22% CBD buds.

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