Alien Cream Cake Strain Review

2 mins read

This week Alien Cream Cake is in our Strain spotlight. This strain is a cross of Alien Cookies (Predator Cut) x Sour Cream Cake (Bay Exclusives), bred by Green Avenger and grown by Mean Beanz.

And it is every bit as tasty as it looks:, Alien Cream Cake Strain Review, ISMOKE


Packed onto every bit of this bud are resinous trichomes which give the flower a light-coloured consistency.

The nug is tight and dense and has been trimmed to perfection, with this sample showing good bud structure and development.


The smell of Alien Cream Cake is to die for! It captures the blue pine of its parent Alien Cookies, but the alien cream cake is sweeter and creamier.

Even before the flower is cracked open the piney scent fills the room – after breaking the bud and grinding it up a dank pungency also reeks out of the ground up flowers.

, Alien Cream Cake Strain Review, ISMOKE


This hits super clean and delivers an amazing flavour – smoking this in a bong I’m treated to a smooth hit with no trace of a cough and what seems like an almost perfect flavour profile of the strain. This one cures well!

I went back for a second and then a third bowl relatively quickly to experience more of the flavour – lovely blue pinene & myrcene notes.

, Alien Cream Cake Strain Review, ISMOKE


As well as delivering a solid flavour, the Alien Cream Cake also delivers a strong and enjoyable high.

Bong no.1 kicked in around the time I did bong no.2, and by no.3 I was nicely relaxed and cheerful as it hit me.

I get an uplift along with the body stone which makes me feel good in both body and mind, but this strain seems to lean towards the indica side!

, Alien Cream Cake Strain Review, ISMOKE


This is some of the nicest weed I’ve ever smoked, and that isn’t an exaggeration. This delivered consistently in every area covered in the review, and it was hard to fault it.

Everything from appearance to smell, taste and effects all get top marks from me. In fact, this makes my top 10 weed strains of all time!