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Alfie Dingley must now wait another 4 months for a decision from the Home Office

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Back in March, we reported on Alfie Dingley, a 6-year-old boy with a rare form of epilepsy who is in urgent need of medical cannabis.

Recap: Hannah Deacon, Alfie’s mother made headlines earlier this year when her campaigning and the national coverage of her story helped result in a statement from the Home Office saying it would grant Alfie a 3-month trial for his cannabis-based medicine.

The medication Alfie currently uses is made by Bedrocan – it’s a whole plant CBD oil (10%) called Bedrolite. Alfie has a supply of this. As it has no THC in it it is legal.

Alfie’s parents are fighting for access to Bedica oil which is the 2% THC oil he was on in while Holland which he doesn’t have access to in the UK due to its illegality.

The Alfie’s Hope campaign page on Facebook helped build momentum culminating in handing a petition to Downing Street in March 2018.

Sir Patrick Stewart also gave his support to the campaign, calling for medicinal cannabis to be given to Alfie.

, Alfie Dingley must now wait another 4 months for a decision from the Home Office, ISMOKE

Sir Patrick has been treating his arthritis with medical cannabis while living in California. He said:

“How could one not support Alfie? Hearing what his life has been and the benefits given to him by being able to use medicinal marijuana.

“There has never been a stronger case for the legalisation of medical marijuana.

“I have been registered for medical marijuana in California for over three years and have found it immensely beneficial for my arthritis.”

Reported in The Evening Standard.


Over week after licence application submittal, in what seems like a step backwards, Hannah Deacon has now been told she must wait up to 4 months for a decision on whether Alfie will indeed get his medical cannabis license.

Due to its groundbreaking nature, the application process has already taken a lot of time and work to complete correctly. Now the additional waiting period would mean that Hannah could be waiting for a decision (which is not assured) until the end of August.

This slow pace is simply not acceptable when it comes to Alfie’s case – he needs to access this medicine in the UK. He has doctors in The Netherlands who have prescribed it to him and it could be saving his life due to the severe nature of the seizures he suffers from.

Understandably people are outraged:

So in recent days, Hannah Deacon has called for Theresa May to intervene and get Alfie the licence he needs.

And due to the excellent momentum, Hannah has achieved May has already been asked about Alfie’s case, live on radio. She responded, as expected, terribly.

When asked by about Alfie’s license, the Prime Minister responded that “tests on medical cannabis must be done first.” what does that even mean? Alfie’s mum already knows the form and dose of medicinal cannabis that Alfie needs and is simply fighting for access to it.

She did say it was a priority though…

We hope to see this resolved more quickly than 4 months, and can’t imagine the stress and worry Alfie’s parents must be going through, all for him to be able to access medicine which could save his life.

It must be even more infuriating for them to see our own Government tailing behind as more and more countries legalise cannabis for medical purposes due to its safety and efficacy in treating so many conditions.

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