Alfie Dingley Granted 3-Month Cannabis Trial in the UK

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You may have heard in the news over the past week a campaign for Alfie Dingley, a 6-year-old epilepsy sufferer who recently moved back to the UK after spending time in The Netherlands with access to cannabis medication.

Alfie’s seizures are helped both by CBD and THC, the latter of which is currently illegal in the UK.

, Alfie Dingley Granted 3-Month Cannabis Trial in the UK
Alfie Dingley with his mum, Hannah Dingley

The British Home Office made headlines last Sunday after it refused to grant him a license for his medicine in the UK, forcing his parents to either move, become criminals or not to give Alfie the medicine he needs for a better quality of life.

Well, after a week of pressure and stories in every major news outlet, it has been reported that the Home Office will now grant Alfie a license on a 3-month-trial basis.

The news quickly went viral amongst the Cannabis community on Facebook last night:

This is excellent news; both for Alfie and for Medical Cannabis, as we know that THC is effective in helping to reduce his seizures. We hope that the Home Office pay attention to the results of this trial.

We will keep you updated on any developments as we get them – we filmed a vlog around the news feature which ran on the ITV News at 10pm on 28th Feb 2018.

You can watch it below:

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Posted 24th April 2018

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