Add these Upcoming Cannabis Events to Your Diary: Durham & London

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Keeping you updated on upcoming cannabis events here in the UK.

Saturday 22nd October

Event Link: DCC Awareness Event

Hosted By: Durham Cannabis Collective

Where? Durham

When? Saturday 22nd October, 1pm

Details: We will be back in Durham trying to spread as much awareness as possible don’t worry about the weather as we have two large gazebos with sides on to keep everybody dry and warm(ish)

Event Link: Cannabis Protest March

Hosted by: Independent

Where? Meeting at Waterloo Station, London

When: Saturday 22nd October, 1pm

Details: we will be meeting at Waterloo station and then commencing to parliament square have been told the police have signed to #endourpain BUT SAFETY IN NUMBERS let’s show them we ain’t psychotic let’s show them we don’t steal to pay for nature’s herb let’s show them the reasons why this plant can be and should be legal for all users.

If you know of any other cannabis events happening in the UK, please get in touch: [email protected]

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