Abscent Smell-Proof Ballistic Backpack Review

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Today we are taking a look at the Ballistic Backpack from Abscent.EU

This backpack is carbon-lined to stop smells from escaping within, and comes with an additional smell-proof insert for double protection.

The backpack itself is slightly larger than a standard backpack, with a black material “ballistic” feel – it has a premium and discreet look, enough that I take it everywhere – weed session or not – as my main backpack of choice. So in addition to carrying my flavours, I also store my food shopping, or whatever else I need to in my Abscent Ballistic Backpack.

, Abscent Smell-Proof Ballistic Backpack Review, ISMOKE
Abscent Ballistic Backpack (Black)

As far as rucksacks go, I’d say it is a good option – I would pick it as a low-key backpack style even if it weren’t an Abscent bag, which is a good sign. However, if standard black isn’t your thing, Abscent also sell different colours like Green, and even leather if you’re willing to pay a bit more.

Speaking of price, the Ballistic backpack retails at €225 That’s not the cheapest backpack by any stretch of the imagination, but as mentioned in the video feature, I think that you have to weigh up what you’re carrying inside, how much that’s worth to you and how regularly to do your own cost-benefit analysis. While I personally think it’s expensive for a backpack, I’m happy I have one now that I do!

, Abscent Smell-Proof Ballistic Backpack Review, ISMOKE

If your budgets falls at the lower end of the spectrum, Abscent also do sell smaller products with the same job in mind – below the price of the ballistic backpack you have the regular backpack (€190), the backpack insert (€110), the Wash bag (€55-65), the Banker (€30-35) and the Pocket Protector (€20-25).

I’ve been using the backpack since November, and it has become  a session essential for whenever I pick up. It is worth noting that if you’re smoking or at a session where people are smoking weed that your clothes are going to smell. However, this does what it says on the tin and keeps the delicious aromas inside, which I found particularly beneficial on public transport.

Watch our video about the Abscent Ballistic Backpack below

You can buy the Ballistic Backpack here from Abscent.EU