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If you keep a close eye on the food-trends industry, you will know the rave cannabis products are creating in the market. From edibles to topicals, there are plenty of cannabis products that woo the hearts of the customers.

Cannabinoids are the compounds found in cannabis, most notably THC and CBD, which have been studied for their various benefits. There are many of these, with different psychological and physiological effects, but the methods below could be used products containing either THC, CBD, other cannabinoids, or a mix of all the above.

If you are an avid cannabis lover, you might want to try as many of them to experience their wonders and find your suitability. Before you plunge into the vast world of cannabis, here is a guide that states seven different ways to add cannabinoids to your life. 


, 7 Different Ways To Consume Cannabinoids, ISMOKE

Edibles are quite an interesting way to add cannabinoids to your diet. While colourful CBD gummies in multiple flavours bring back the memories of our childhood days, delicious bakery items entice foodies with culinary savoury delights which contain the benefits of cannabis.

The wide variety of infused edibles available at a dispensary if you are in the US, or on Social Media if you are in a place which hasn’t legalised can be your best picks if this concept is new to you, or you want to explore what is on the market.

When you consume cannabis via edibles, cannabinoids enter your system through the digestive tract, where the food particles break down and enter the bloodstream slowly. Hence, it takes longer for it to kick in. You can enjoy edibles discreetly, even in public places and social settings. 

With the rise of a health-conscious public, some people even add enriching and healthy ingredients to make their edibles a wholesome treat. CBD edibles broadly combine flavours, nutrition, and CBD’s therapeutic benefits that make them a healthy choice. 


, 7 Different Ways To Consume Cannabinoids, ISMOKE

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Vaping oils are different from regular cannabis oil, as you add them to the cartridge of a vaping pen, mod, or vaping device rather than consuming them orally or sublingually. Another great thing about vaping is that people can pick what they want, with both various flavours and potency available (particularly in legal areas, but to a lesser extent online as well) to enjoy the type of vapour that they desire.

Cannabinoids enter our system quickly through vaping, and the absorption rate is higher than smoking. Hence it can provide quick results in comparison to the edibles. A vaping session with CBD vape pens that are safe is fun and you can enjoy it at your own pace since it is not burning. You can also combine cannabinoid-infused vape juice with regular vape juice (to add nicotine if you are trying to quit smoking, for example – although studies have shown CBD can help alleviate cravings from everything from nicotine to heroin). Most people who try this consumption method report vaping to be stress-relieving, with many choosing to vape around bedtime for sound sleep.


Compared to other methods, this results in quick absorption of high doses of cannabinoids comparatively to vaping. Technically a form of vaping, dabbing used natural extracts which come loaded with terpenes and make the whole experience both flavour and power-driven.

The compound’s better bioavailability through dabbing makes it a popular choice to ingest cannabinoids. A banger is heated to the appropriate temperature before the extract is inhaled via a bong-like device known as a dab rig. The vapours that emerge from the process can be thick and full of terps, making this a favourite consumption method for some. Due to the quick absorption and vaporisation combination, Dabbing has a very short onset time. Therefore, it can prove to be a gamechanger for anybody facing extremity or urgent needs, such as medical patients needing to relieve symptoms.


, 7 Different Ways To Consume Cannabinoids, ISMOKE

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Our endocannabinoid system is a network of nerves, receptors, and chemicals in various parts of the body, including the area underlying our skin. The CB receptors under the skin interact with the cannabinoids to bring many desirable effects. Even transdermal cannabinoid patches are an effective way to deliver cannabinoids to a specific area, as they can absorb quickly into the bloodstream through your skin. One could also opt for cannabinoid-infused bath bombs that can impart an ultimate relaxed bathing experience to relieve stress. Currently, we have only tried bath bombs infused with CBD, but would love to try a full spectrum one!


Tinctures are usually an alcohol-based cannabinoid extraction which can be consumed sublingually. For those who cannot consume alcohol, they can also be made using propylene glycol (PG).

Tinctures are usually free from any additives and preservatives, and this is an ancient form of medicine. With this method, providing it was documented during production it can be easy to calculate and administer the required dosage. One can administer these drops directly or even add it to their food for a more delicious option. 

Oil, Paste, Drops and Sprays

The original medical (and still highly effective) way of delivering cannabinoids into your body orally – the cannabis plant can be refined into a paste (see Black Sheep Dispensaries whole plant extract syringe) or an Oil (See Holistic Highland Hemp Artisan Raw CBD Oil) or even in a spray bottom (See EQL Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Spray).

This potent method to deliver cannabinoids to your system works through the blood vessels under your tongue, enabling quick action, but can also be swallowed for similar effects. These consumption methods may serve best for people who achieve instant relief without much hassle of combining it with other elements. They won’t generally taste as nice as dabbing but require no additional equipment. 

Water-soluble cannabinoids

Cannabinoid molecules are hydrophobic. This means they do not dissolve in water. However, with present technology and innovation, you can find a whole new range of water-friendly oils that break down into smaller molecules and emulsify in water. That means you can add cannabinoids to your lemonade and drink to enjoy its benefits conveniently. Since the human body is primarily composed of water, the water-friendly version of CBD oils offers a better absorption rate to our bodies, with EQL reporting their water-soluble CBD range as up to 4 X as effective as other forms CBD.

This has led to the development of various cannabinoid-infused drinks on the market. In the UK you can buy CBD fizzy drinks in various newsagents and online.

There is a further water-solubising process called nano-emulsion which makes cannabis products work through the skin, with great potential for edibles, but it is rare in the UK at time of writing. 

The Bottom Line

There are multiple consumption methods we can use to add more cannabinoids into our life, each coming with a different set of advantages that may suit different consumers.

If you are new to this, it may be worth reflecting on your reasons for consumption. If you are looking forward to using cannabis for general well-being, you might want to consider edibles, or vaping which have the lowest associated harms (risks come from combusting). For treating severe symptoms, options with a higher bioavailability might serve you best, like water-soluble or CBD paste consumed sublingually. 

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