6 Ways To Ingest Cannabis When You Want To Relax

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If you are looking for a natural solution for medical challenges that won’t have any side effects and that will also enhance your mood instead of just putting you to sleep, then cannabis might be a good option. For people who have smoked cigarettes, it is often very convenient to simply smoke the medicinal plant. For those that aren’t familiar with smoking, it can be an uncomfortable experience. Here are a few ways you can still enjoy the benefits, without the smoke.

1.  Edibles

The cookies in Amsterdam’s coffee shops have long been known as a much tastier alternative to smoking cannabis. Fortunately, you can make very similar products from the comfort of your home using cannabis on its own or the extracted oil. In fact, you could drip it on some pancakes or even add it to savory foods.

2.  Tinctures

Tinctures are another kind of liquid extract that is made by dissolving the cannabis plant. So it does vary from pure THC oil but can be used in a similar manner. This is most common for people who want to either consume very small amounts or don’t like the waxy taste of the oil. This works great in teas and coffees and even on food.

, 6 Ways To Ingest Cannabis When You Want To Relax, ISMOKE

3.  Vapes

Though vaping is similar to smoking, it is not really smoke but vapor that you are blowing out of your lungs. In order to vape, you can use THC oil, tinctures, THC wax, or other derivatives of the cannabis plant. You’ll also need a device like you can find here, in which you will place the cannabis and heat it up. This is a far more potent method than smoking so new users should be cautious. Also, the kind of device you use will also impact the high and the taste.

4.  Capsules

For those that want absolutely no contact, they don’t want to eat or drink anything, then capsules are the answer. Either loaded with a powder that contains cannabis derivatives or loaded with crushed cannabis plants, you can easily eat a pill with some water and just wait for it to kick in. These pills are very easy to store and measure.

5.  Topicals

If you are looking for relief from body pain, then topical ointments are a great solution. You can apply it directly to the site of the injury and in a few minutes, it will start to kick in. Ointments are designed for pain relief and not to induce a high.

6.  Patches

Similar to nicotine patches, this is a really discreet way of using cannabis and requires virtually no equipment. All you need is the patch itself. In a matter of minutes, the cannabis will have reached your bloodstream and the effects will start to kick in.

The important thing to note is that the potency of these different methods will vary. Ideally, you should start off with very small amounts, or ask a medical professional for a prescription. This way you will know what to do and how to do it. As you develop an understanding of the plant and some tolerance, you can explore other more potent methods.

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