6 things you should know before vaping CBD

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CBD is, without a doubt, the wellness product of the moment, and the industry is growing at a very rapid pace. With so many people interested in trying this wonder-supplement, it comes as no surprise that CBD brands have come up with several intake methods to satisfy the needs of customers. From oils to sublingual films, capsules, teas, edibles, and topicals, there is an option for everyone.

One very popular method to use CBD is through vaping, as this method gets rid of the earthy taste that may be unpleasant for many users and makes for a convenient solution. But with so many vape products available, choosing which one is suited for you, especially if it’s your first time using a vaping kit, can be difficult. To help you out, below are some important questions you need to know the answer to before buying your first CBD vape kit

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What is CBD?

You can’t start using a product if you don’t actually know what it does to you, right? CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is a cannabinoid found in hemp and other cannabis plants. Over the years, CBD came to be known for a range of therapeutic properties and especially for its potential effects in easing off symptoms of anxiety, depression, lack of sleep, inflammation, pain, and loss of appetite.

Researchers have been looking in this area for years now to prove the effectiveness of CBD for treating various health issues, including two forms of epilepsy – Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome – and their results have been impressive. So impressive in fact, that the FDA finally approved the first prescription medicine containing CBD – Epidiolex, which is used to treat the abovementioned epilepsy forms.

What are the benefits of vaping CBD?

Compared to other methods of consumption, vaping CBD can be best for some people for a number of reasons, including:

  • Quick absorption: the faster CBD is absorbed into your bloodstream, the sooner you are going to start noticing results. Edibles and capsules can take a long time until they get from your stomach to the bloodstream, whereas inhaled vapours go from your lungs to your bloodstream almost instantly. 
  • Better rates of absorption: Smoking CBD flowers you will absorb less cannabidiol than vaping the equivalent dosage.
  • Ease of use: vaping is one of the easiest and most relaxing ways to consume CBD. You can prepare the mix by yourself, then just sit down, inhale it, and relax. You can turn this habit into a little you-time – something to look forward to during a stressful day. 

Which type of CBD oil is suited for vaping?

CBD oil tinctures, which you will often see on the market, are very different from CBD vape oils. One key difference is that oral tinctures are oil-based, whereas vape oil is not. CBD oral tincture often contains MCT oil, which is derived from coconuts and is not suitable for inhalation. 

There are two types of CBD products that are suitable for vaping: 

  • CBD vape juice: vape juice is often referred to as oil online, but it does not contain the same formulation of oil meant for ingestion – Vape juices are made out of vape-ingestible ingredients, so they won’t harm users when consumed, whereas some oils meant for oral consumption will have additional ingredients which may not be suitable for vaping. When buying oil, read the packaging thoroughly. If it does not mention anything about vaping, e-liquid, or e-juice on the box, then you may not want to take risks. 
  • CBD cartridges: these are disposable e-cigarette tanks filled with CBD vape juice. They are connected to a battery and can provide an easy way for beginners to start vaping CBD. You can even find cartridges that are compatible with popular vaping devices, so you don’t have to purchase a new pen just for CBD.

Is there a recommended dosage?

When it comes to determining the CBD dosage, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. It depends on a lot of factors, including each person’s individual biochemistry, the symptoms being treated, and tolerance to the substance. What works for your friends may not have the same results on you, so the only solution remains trial and error. 

The best way to determine how much CBD to vape is to start low and go slow – observe how your body reacts to a small dose, and then work your way up. This will leave you room to increase the dose for more therapeutic effects should that be needed. You may have to adjust your dosage periodically, so pay attention to how you respond to the treatment. 

Are there any side effects of vaping CBD?

Studies on CBD reveal first-time users may be confronted with some mild side effects, the most prominent one being drowsiness. This usually only happens when you take a high dose of CBD, but the effect wears off pretty fast and can subside with regular use. And many people use CBD for its relaxing properties, so this can only be considered a side effect if you didn’t want it.

Other side effects associated with vaping CBD may include a sudden increase in appetite, slight euphoria, and potential interactions with other prescribed medicine. Cannabidiol works on the CB1 and CB2 receptors. This is why it is always advised to speak to your doctor about CBD if you are under any prescribed treatment (e.g. Chemotherapy drugs), to ensure it does not interfere with it. 

Will vaping CBD get me high?

Cannabis plants contain two main cannabinoids: THC and CBD. CBD is the compound that does not have any psychoactive effects and will not give you the high feeling that is often associated with cannabis. THC, on the other hand, is the compound responsible for getting you high.

Some CBD products contain small amounts of THC, usually up to 0.2% (the EU limit for hemp), which is not enough to get you high. The reason why this cannnabinoid is left in some CBD products (full spectrum) is that it also has benefits, and even in trace amounts may increase the efficacy of other cannabinoids present (The entourage effect). If this isn’t your thing, you can also find many vape juices and cartridges that are THC-free, so don’t stress too much about it. 

Final thoughts

Vaping offers one of the most popular methods of CBD consumption thanks to its effectiveness, efficiency and ease of use. Before incorporating it into your daily habits, however, it’s important that you do your research and find a reputable brand and product that’s right for you. 

 Once you’ve found the right product and vaping device, we’d recommend that you start slowly and gradually increase your dosage over time. It may be tempting to start with a stronger dosage, however doing so could result in some unwanted side effects such as drowsiness.

There are very few risks associated with vaping CBD although its interaction with some drugs is not yet known. For this reason, if you have any concerns about whether vaping CBD is right for you then we’d recommend further research as well as discussing with a trained healthcare professional. 

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