5ct 24K Gold Diamond Review

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Every now and then something special comes along on the channel that makes us do a double-take. And this 5ct 1.03g 24K Gold (Kosher Kush X Tangie) Diamond from Nugbusters & Skysports Extracts is one of those times.

In jewellery terms when discussing a diamond 1 carat = 200mg. This is the measurement scale we’ve used to discuss the 24K Gold diamond.

Diamonds & Sauce

The practice of diamond mining has been growing in popularity in recent years. It involves growing THCa crystals under pressure in jars of sauce, a form of cannabis extract. The diamonds are then separated (or left together for a diamonds & sauce mix).

This is a popular form of cannabis extract and the sauce in particular is known to be very terpy, leading to a very tasty dabbing experience. The diamonds, on the other hand, are mostly cannabinoids and carry the power to match.

Usually a pot will contain a ratio of diamonds in the saucy, volatile extract, but the ratio can range from invisible/tiny diamonds in a lot of sauce to huge diamonds separated from the sauce entirely at the other end of the spectrum, as in this case.

, 5ct 24K Gold Diamond Review, ISMOKE

Nugbusters have used the 24K cannabis strain, a potent head x body cross by DNA Genetics to make these THCa diamonds that are the focus of this feature.

The diamond is presented in a square extract pot with a big gleaming cartoon diamond on the front.

Taking a look at their Instagram, it looks like Nugbusters were able to extract some huge crystals from this run, including a 5 gram beast pictured below:

, 5ct 24K Gold Diamond Review, ISMOKE
A screenshot from Nugbusters Instagram video showing their run of 24K Gold THCa Diamonds

Our 1 gram diamond came from this same run, and you can see us getting down and dirty with it in a brand new video out today on the ISMOKE YouTube Channel.

What did we think of it?

Well it certainly was an experience to remember!

Whilst it was a shame to break up this diamond, it was the focal point of the video we of course wanted to experience some for ourselves.

, 5ct 24K Gold Diamond Review, ISMOKE

The appearance of the 24K diamond is lovely – the extract is faceted with a golden yellow colour and clear crystalline structure.

It smells like sweet oranges, capturing those tangie terps.

The taste also has hints of orange, and I’m surprised that it has this much flavour, being so pure.

The first thing noticed when dabbing this is how quickly the high kicks in.

, 5ct 24K Gold Diamond Review, ISMOKE

It delivered a wonderful blend of head and body-led high with powerful clarity, positivity and body relaxation being felt within minutes.

This certainly was a powerful dab. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see test results but another extract by the same producers recently tested at 70% THC.

Watch our 24K Diamond video below

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