5 ways to smoke weed effectively

While cannabis is a magnificent plant with majestic properties itself, we live in a fascinating era with dozens of ways to smoke it. Despite certain associations of cannabis with joints still persist, we still have numerous smoking techniques in mind while thinking about weed. 

Since both smokers and manufacturers now tend to experiment with cannabis, the options for consuming cannabis are far-reaching. 

But what if you want to get the maximum of your special stash? In that case, you might want to try out the most efficient way to get high. Since there are different ways to smoke weed, you should be comfy with the way you choose, after all. 

 So, what are those majestic ways that will allow you to get high effectively? Read these considerations outlined by AskGrowers. Based on our research and long-standing experience, we are eager to emphasize the following:

  • Vaporizers
  • Joints and blunts
  • Edibles
  • Pipes
  • Gravity Bong

 You see, with these options in mind, you’ll soon learn more about what is so advantageous in consuming weed via these techniques. Read on!


Well, not only is a vaporizer the healthiest way on how to smoke cannabis effectively, but it also has no smell and prudent side effects. While they give you the true high, smoking via vaporizers also reduces the temperature at which cannabinoids change from solid to gas. This allows you to get high without a need of inhaling smoke that is undoubtedly too hot for your lungs and a throat. 

Despite the fact that vaporizers and vape pens are expensive, they have also been proven to be effective for CBD users. In research concerning the CBD oils and vaping liquids, it was found that vaping CBD is one of the best ways to get all those beneficial properties. So, even if you’re not consuming cannabis to get high, vaping CBD oil is a decent way to ease your anxiety, improve a sleeping schedule, and enhance concentration.

Joints and blunts

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When it comes to joints and blunts, more traditional ways of consuming cannabis, they are still preferred among millions of smokers. It is undeniable that joints and blunts are cooler, whereas this technique is one of the first ways for any smoker to try cannabis. In general, rolling a joint or a blunt with rolling papers allows you to experience the good-old sense of getting high. 

Even though combustion might not be the best option for the first-timers, more experienced know that joints and blunts are old but gold. So, if you’re up for the most efficient way to smoke weed in terms of speed, rolling a joint or two is an excellent idea.


If you haven’t tried edibles, you should do it ASAP! Don’t you want to enjoy getting high by eating all those chocolate bars, cookies, sweets, and gummies? Once you add your special stash while baking your brownies, you will definitely get a genuinely unique experience. 

As well as delivering a longer lasting high, edibles are also tasty, easy to cook, and healthier than combustion. Remember, you don’t have to inhale any smoke or liquids. Just take that juicy brownie and make the most of your cannabis experience.


Pipes are the most varied devices ever manufactured to consume cannabis. They come in thousands of different sizes, shapes, forms, designs, and materials. Via this device, you won’t have to inhale any extra components (rolling papers, etc.), alongside not burning your own fingers. Pipes are magnificent devices for almost all smokers.  In terms of being high, pipes can prolong your cannabis adventure as well as keep you high for hours to come.

Using Water filtration – known as a ‘bong’ or a ‘water pipe’ is another great consumption method, as this adds a level of filtration to your hit. Some smokers. prefer water pipes to dry pipes for this reason.

Gravity Bong

Alright, let’s be honest with you. You will hardly find a technique that will keep you stoned. This is certainly one of the more intense ways to smoke weed, which involves using a bucket. Be sure to grab a 2-litre bottle, another much bigger container, alongside making a bowl from the cap of the first bottle. Add some water and light the bowl, slowly lifting all the smoke that is trapped inside. Now, just remove the cap and suck all that weed smoke out of the top. Even though it is not relatively popular to smoke weed via a gravity bong (well, unless you are still green around the ears and looking for inventive ways to smoke), its properties of getting high are so remarkable that it would be a mistake from our side not to mention it.


We can’t pick the best consumption method. With dozens of techniques and approaches, you should choose what style matches your tastes the most. For those fond of traditional consumptions, rolling a joint or a blunt is an excellent idea. If you’re more of a trend-catcher, getting a vaporizer or cooking a few brownies are the top-notch ideas for you to think of. And if you are up for a crazy session, be sure to grab a few bottles to try constructing your own gravity bong. A well-rounded and balanced choice is a pipe, which seems to satisfy all smokers regardless of their other preferences.

With such a dazzling variety of smoking devices, we are well aware that the first-timers might find it tough to make a proper choice. That’s why we urge you to come back to this article once you’re stuck on making a final decision on what technique to choose. Regardless of your final choice, we can bet that you’ll be satisfied with the efficiency of any of the five methods mentioned above. Without any further notes, we wish you all the best in your smoking endeavours. Choose wisely!

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