5 Ways to Maximise Your Cannabis Vaping Experience

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Cannabis Vaping is a great way to enjoy your herbs.

In fact, for many cannabis fans, vaping is the preferred consumption method. Cannabis Vaping allows you to get access to the goodness of cannabinoids, but without the occurrence of combustion. One of the options for this method of consumption is to use a portable vaporiser. 

Some portable vaporisers are a similar size, shape and appearance to pens, while other devices are larger than a pen, or differently shaped, but still smaller than a desktop vaporiser.

The types of portable vaporisers you can choose from vary widely both in cost and construction, but regardless of the device you use, here are five tips that can help you optimise your experience and get the best possible vapour production:

1. Dry the Herbs
, 5 Ways to Maximise Your Cannabis Vaping Experience, ISMOKE
People who are new to using a vaporiser many not initially realise they’re generally designed for very dry herbs.

The best way to maximise usage is to make sure your herbs are completely dried out before you use them. Most smokers will opt to buy herbs that are already cured and dried, but if needed you can put them in a glass jar overnight, or go with drying options that we speak about in How To Dry Out Wet Cannabis over on ISMOKEHERB.

Whichever route you choose, for the perfect experience it may take one to two days to dry your buds thoroughly, depending on their moisture level.

, 5 Ways to Maximise Your Cannabis Vaping Experience, ISMOKE2. Don’t Overpack

This is an important and easy way to maximise your cannabis vaping experience.

When you’re packing your vaporiser, follow the manufacturer’s standards or instructions which should let you know the limitations of your particular device.

3. Grind The Cannabis

, 5 Ways to Maximise Your Cannabis Vaping Experience, ISMOKE

Once your herbs are completely dried out, it’s always a good idea to finely grind them before using a vaporiser.

The finer you can grind them, the more contact area you’ll enjoy and surface area has a lot to do with the effects of using a vaporiser.

When you grind the herbs as finely as possible, you’ll also improve the chances of an even heat delivery.

4. Watch How You Inhale

, 5 Ways to Maximise Your Cannabis Vaping Experience, ISMOKE

The optimal way to inhale when using a vaporiser is usually lightly and slowly. If your inhale is too strong, you might bring herbs into the filter, which will block the flow of air and limit the vapour you receive with each subsequent hit.

When you inhale slowly, there’s another added benefit, which is that the herbs and heating chamber will stay at the correct temperature.

Inhaling too fast or forcefully can result in a cooled chamber, which will also limit the amount of vapour you receive.

, 5 Ways to Maximise Your Cannabis Vaping Experience, ISMOKE5. Experiment with the Temperature

If you have a vaporiser that displays an accurate temperature you can experiment to find the temperature that works best for you.

It’s important to realise that the best temperature is going to be based not only on personal preference but also what type of effect you want, and the kind of cannabis strain you’re using.

With a little experimentation, you can find the ideal range for your needs.

Enjoying Cannabis Vaping

You may require some trial and error to find the right vaporiser and combination of cannabis and temperature for your preferences, but the above tips are the most essential ways you can make the most of your vaporiser.

For more info, here is a video from RuffHouse Studios:

How to Use A Vaporiser – Marijuana Tips & Tricks

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