5 Tips For Checking The Quality Of Your Cannabis Seeds

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Checking the quality of your cannabis seeds doesn’t need to be difficult. If you happen to live in a legal area, you may be thinking about planting your own cannabis plant at home since it makes it easier for you to get your supply and it may save you more money in the long run. Conveniently, various stores and suppliers sell cannabis seeds that can be planted and cultivated for personal use.  

If you plan on planting cannabis, the first thing you need to find is a trusted seed supplier. 

There are various stores that offer a wide range of seeds you can cultivate at home. For example, if you want to buy your batch of cannabis seeds, then visit www.seedsupreme.com

Of course, you still need to check if the batch of seeds you purchased is of good quality. Only healthy seeds will produce a good result, so be sure to check the quality of the product you bought. 

Here are five methods to help you test if the seeds you have are healthy and viable for planting.  

Check Its Color And Size 

When you receive your cannabis seeds, the first thing you should inspect is their appearance. There are numerous kinds of strains, like Berry Split, Peach Ozz, EnzoKent Valley Kush, and many more, with different coloured seeds. But some say that the best crop-producing seeds are darker in colour–in shades of brown, black, or tan.

Just be sure not to get white or pale green seeds since those colours are an indication of an immature seed. An unhealthy seed may not sprout or may produce a low-quality plant. 

When it comes to size, try to compare different seeds side by side. Choose the ones that look symmetrical and pick the biggest pip available. Avoid using ones that look deformed or too irregular in size since those will usually produce low-quality plants.  

checking the quality of your cannabis seeds, 5 Tips For Checking The Quality Of Your Cannabis Seeds, ISMOKE
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Hold It Between Your Fingers 

Another way of checking the quality of your cannabis seeds is by holding them between your fingers. Try to squeeze a seed gently and check if it stays firm. If the product feels like it’ll break easily under pressure, don’t buy it. Low-quality seeds will easily crumble, even with the slightest force. You want to have a good harvest, so choose seeds that are firm to the touch.  

Test It In Water 

You can also check if the pip you purchased is good or not by submerging it in water. Of course, you can’t do this test while shopping for seeds, but you can use this method when testing the ones you purchased online.  

Put the seeds you bought in a bowl of water, and leave it for a few hours. If the seeds float after soaking for some time, it means the supply you have is unhealthy. 

On the other hand, if it sinks, then what you have is a good product, and you should plant it as soon as possible.  

If you’re doing this test, make sure that you plan on planting the seeds immediately, should the results be positive, as damp seeds may start to develop mould or get damaged if left out in the open.  

Confirm The Age Of The Seeds 

When buying from trusted suppliers, you should also inquire about the seeds’ age. You should avoid getting products that older since those may no longer be healthy. It’s also not advisable to store seeds for a long time, so only buy as much as you can plant.  

That’s not to say old seeds won’t find you great plants sometimes – even randomly found seeds have led to some amazing strains over the years!

Plant The Seed 

The best way to determine if your seeds are healthy is by simply planting them. If you’ve checked all the characteristics of the product you have, and it seems healthy enough to grow a good cannabis plant, then germinate it.  

If your planted seeds start to sprout after a few weeks, you most likely have healthy ones. If there are no changes or growth, then it’s probably a bad batch.  

checking the quality of your cannabis seeds, 5 Tips For Checking The Quality Of Your Cannabis Seeds, ISMOKE
checking the quality of your cannabis seeds to grow healthy plants


Cannabis is believed to help a number of health conditions, such as chronic pain, mental health, and epilepsy. For those who regularly use marijuana, growing a plant at home may seem a more convenient choice. 

If you’re considering having a plant of your own, then purchase your seeds from a trusted supplier since that’ll guarantee that you’ll get good quality seeds. 

However, you may come across a few bad seeds in the bundle you get, so be sure to still do your inspection upon receiving your supply. 

If you have a bad batch of seeds, just remember that you can try again. As long as you practice caution and patience when purchasing and cultivating cannabis plants, you’re sure to have a good harvest.

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