5 Crazy Cannabis Products You Can Buy in the US

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Nothing gets the taste buds salivating like a little research on crazy cannabis products which are actually available to buy for our friends lucky enough to live in parts of the world where medical – and now recreational – cannabis is legal.

With that in mind we have put together a list of 5 crazy Cannabis products you can purchase in the US.

1. Leira Cannabis Cigars – The Ultimate in Stoner Luxury – $TBC

, 5 Crazy Cannabis Products You Can Buy in the USThe Leira cannagar takes just over an hour to roll and over a month to cure to perfection. First, high quality bud is formed into the ‘core’. The core is then wrapped in rosin oil, and then the whole thing is wrapped up with pure cannabis leaves.

A 6 inch Corona cannagar from Leira contains between 9.5-10 grams of bud, 3 grams of rosin oil and also has 2 layers of cannabis leaves.

The reported burn time is 5-6 hours. Price isn’t confirmed because these aren’t available to buy until tomorrow, but it is likely to be a couple of hundred dollars. Check out the Leira Cannagar on Facebook

2. Foria Pleasure: Cannabis Lube – Gets your Vagina high – $38 5ml

This product is available in California and has reviews from VICE, TheFrisky, Cosmopolitan and others.

Foria Pleasure brings the power of ancient plant medicine to your fingertips. Inspire healing and unlock pleasure with an all-natural sensual enhancement oil designed specifically for women. Hand-crafted from the female ?ower of the marijuana plant – one of the oldest known aphrodisiacs in the world – using modern extraction techniques for optimal potency and purity.

3. Kurupt’s Moon Rocks – Bud, dipped in hash oil and rolled around in Kief – $15 for 0.5 grams

These were made to be one of the strongest cannabis products on the market, and come in at a whopping 52% THC.

Knowing the formula means you can make your own versions at home, but they aren’t the cheapest things for an economical stoner to recreate.

4. Keef Cola – Medicated Cannabis Soda drinks – $8-$12

American company Keef Cola produces a line of five different, strain-specific, medicinal cannabis beverages.

Keef Cola beverages are only available to registered medical marijuana patients in Colorado – and their range includes Blue Dream, Flo Energy, Cherry Bomb Cola, Bubba Kush Root Beer and Orange Kush.

One of the Keef Cola beverages —Blue Dream Extreme — contains 100 mg of CO2 extracted cannabis in one bottle.

5. THC Spray – Just what it says on the tin – $15-50

, 5 Crazy Cannabis Products You Can Buy in the US

According to their website, one 10 ml spray vial holds 10 doses of 25 mgs of THC

Titration, (dosage control) is easy with THC Sprays.

Taking the spray with deep breathing activates the THC in suspension which carries the active THC component. The CBD ise also simultaneously assimilated sublingually.

“Alcohol Free” THC Sprays.


We hope you have enjoyed this list of 5 crazy cannabis products you can purchase in the US. What else have you found online? Tweet us @ISMOKEMAG

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