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Learn these 5 Most Common Mistakes before you start Growing Cannabis

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Today we are going to learn about 5 of the most common and easiest mistakes to make when growing cannabis. Keep in mind that while how to deal with any of these errors may seem controversial to many, we always have to focus on best practices.

It is worth clarifying that there may be exceptions in which you do not see results, either because you have experience with this or other types of methods to care for your cannabis plants, or you have a routine for a long time.

We are going to learn about all those little things that sometimes we don’t really take into account and that can make a big difference in our marijuana cultivation.


While marijuana can be a versatile plant and quite flexible in its growth, we cannot demand beyond its capabilities. If we do not provide enough light for them to develop, we can fall into this error.

If we notice that our weed is growing with its stem too elongated and hardly developing its lateral branches, the plant may not be receiving the amount of light it needs. This can happen for two reasons: the power of our spotlight is not enough or it is too far from the plants, so they are lengthened to better capture the light.

In the case of exteriors, gleaning can also occur. It usually happens when the plant is located where it does not receive the hours or adequate sunlight power for its development.

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Add organic waste to soil

This is a mistake that beginners in cultivation often fall into, who, in general, tend to add some fruit and vegetable remains to the soil or substrate of the plants, as well as other types of organic waste to fertilize the land and making it better for our cultivation.

But why is it not a good practice? Although the principle behind this technique is correct (composting) to ensure that the soil absorbs all the nutrients that we intend to add, it takes several weeks and even months for them to be ready so that the plants can get the most out of it. Therefore, by adding the waste without decomposing, the only thing we will achieve is to attract pests and diseases to our little ones.

Bad irrigation application

When watering, we must take into account three important aspects that can be overlooked with some ease and that can bring some complications for our plants if they are not taken care of correctly.

Irrigation on especially hot days: Specifically, in the afternoon hours when the sun’s rays land with greater power. If we water on hot days, the roots of our plants are in danger of being damaged by the temperature, resulting in drastic damage to the foliage.

Fertilizer application: If we do not know well the dosage amount, it is easy to believe that the more we fertilize, the more plants will grow. A serious over-fertilization can burn the roots and kill our cannabis plant. A less serious one will stop the growth and advance of our crop for several days.
Overwatering: It usually happens in the early stages of growth, especially when the plant is still small, it is usually more vulnerable to excess water. Abundant irrigation and with a substrate that retains too much moisture could lead to rotting of the roots or the appearance of fungi.

, Learn these 5 Most Common Mistakes before you start Growing Cannabis, ISMOKE

Lack of research

Sometimes to get good results, all we need is to learn and practice on our own. Reading and researching in forums and pages about crops can be the easiest way to get to harvest high-quality flowers, however, there are a certain number of people who do not take the initiative and are only carried away by conjectures or myths about cultivation. You must encourage yourself to learn, err, and try again, learning more and more on your own.

Impatience and excessive caring

It may be that this turns out to be one of the mistakes that go unnoticed throughout our crops, but although at first, it may seem something of little importance, we will explain why it is vital for a good crop.

Impatience can be a factor that leads us to commit most of the aforementioned mistakes, and excessive care towards our plants is what ends up wasting our crops

When we do not know the amount of fertilizer to use, the ways to prune, and we are carried away by the excitement and anxiety of getting our buds, we can fall into many errors just for the fact of wanting to take the best care of our crops.

However, it is for this same reason and sometimes because we want to see results in a short time that we run the risk of falling into errors such as over-fertilization, unnecessary transplants, excessive pruning, root drowning, and a long “etc.”.

We must remember that nature is wise and will always find a way to make its way. Our work is that of mere helpers and observers in this beautiful world of cultivation, therefore, we must give our help only when the plants ask us for it.

, Learn these 5 Most Common Mistakes before you start Growing Cannabis, ISMOKE


The art of cultivation has gone through many stages throughout history up to our times, where perfection is quite relative if one takes into account the infinity of modalities used in different regions.

If you want your cannabis plants to grow full of life, big and strong as the arms of NBA betting line on then do not neglect yourself, but do not invade the environment of our little friends.

As with any other living being, we must have the responsibility and the wisdom to make the most of this beautiful way of life that is cultivation.

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