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5 Cannabis Facts You May Not Know 02

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We have just uploaded a new Cannabis facts video on the ISMOKE Media Youtube channel

Click above to watch the video, and for a full text write-up of the information included visit this page on ISMOKEHERB

Source Links:

Hemp THC content in the UK/EU:
Differences between hemp and marijuana – Leafscience:
How New Strains are created – ISMOKEHERB:
Cannabis Terpenes – Leafly:
Mangos Get You Higher – ISMOKEHERB:
Police Arrests for Cannabis in the UK – VICE:
Durham unofficially decriminalises cannabis – The Guardian:
Ways Cannabis affects the menstrual cycle – Sensi Seeds:
Whoopi Goldberg launching cannabis products for menstrual pain – ISMOKE Magazine:
Norman Lamb 10 minute private member’s bill on cannabis legalisation and taxation in house of Commons:
Queen Victoria & Cannabis – Longreads:
Foria – Cannabis Products for Women: 

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