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May 2012 - Page 2

Stoner Art By Philippa Davies

This picture was sent to us by Philipa Davies – Its an arty take on a famous Bob Marley photo incorporating his songs as his Dreadlocks. Thanks for the submission! If you


Cannabis vs. Alcohol

This is a message to all the parents out there who would allow their children to drink alcohol but would hit the roof if they caught them smoking cannabis. Now I'm


Winston The Lionheart

I have known Winston Matthews for about 11 years. We met through a man called Lyndon Pugh who was the editor for the magazine CCNews (Cannabis Community News). At first we were


Busking Pigeon T-Shirt

Every now and then ISMOKE Magazine gets sent something awesome to review and share. Today we received the "Busking Pigeon" T-Shirt, courtesy of Olivia Pigeon.


My Dad, Winston Matthews

An article from Winston Matthews' son about his father and the situation that Winston is currently in after being incarcerated for using and growing cannabis for his own medicinal use.